Building External Decorative Aluminum Metal Perforated Sheet Facade Wall

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Building External Decorative Aluminum Metal Perforated Sheet Facade Wall
The perforated mesh curtain wall is one of the good architectural decoration materials, especially for high-rise buildings. The perforated aluminum curtain wall has the advantages of waterproof and anti-fouling. The wind passes through, reducing the wind resistance, while increasing the aesthetics of the appearance, and the service life is long.

  • Material: Aluminum, stainless sheet, black steel, galvanized steel, copper/brass, etc.
  • Hole Shape: Round, Square, Hexagonal, Cross, Triangular, Oblong, etc.
  • Arrangement of Holes: Straight; Side Stagger; End Stagger
  • Thickness: ≤ Hole Diameters (to make sure perfect holes)
  • Sample: Available
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    Building External Decorative Aluminum Metal Perforated Sheet Facade Wall

    There are many advantages to using perforated metal mesh as curtain wall mesh

    1. The selection of a variety of plates and holes can effectively set off the overall beauty of the punching network.
    2. The construction is simple, the design of perforated metal mesh has scientific planning and design, the construction is simple and fast and the effect is beautiful.
    3. The structure is more portable, the preset is more flexible, the safety performance is higher, and the later protection is simpler.

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    1. Architectural perforated metal includes facade cladding mesh, space divider mesh, furniture mesh, and architectural ceiling.

    img (2) img (3)


    2. Facade cladding uses stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel as raw materials. Facade cladding of the building can bear large deformation in its own plane or have enough displacement capacity relative to the main structure. It is an enclosure that does not share the load and action of the main structure.

    img (1) img (4)


    3. The ceiling is aluminum material quality is in the majority commonly, pass model has a round hole, square hole, triangle hole, and a few opposite-sex holes, be like plum flower hole, cross-hole.

    Anti-slip perforated metal mesh is a product with a strong anti-slip effect which is produced by using a precise CNC punching machine to punch the metal plate in accordance with the special mold. Anti-slip perforated metal mesh is a kind of punched mesh products, the whole shape can be divided into crocodile mouth type anti-skateboard, flanged anti-skateboard, anti-drum type anti-skateboard.



    1. Facade cladding is mainly used in some office buildings, hotels, resorts, large sales centers and parks, and other places.

    2. Architectural ceiling is used in public places with the dense crowds for concealing works, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation, and can make the light evenly distributed and make the whole space spacious and bright. Aluminum metal mesh is widely used in subway, high-speed railway stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, walkways, leisure places, public toilets, external walls of buildings, and other open places.

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    Anping Dongjie Company (1)

    Dongjie has adopted ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certificate, SGS Quality System Certificate, and modern management system. Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh Products Factory is founded in 1996 with over 5000sqm areas.

    We have more than 100 professional workers and 4 professional workshops: expanded metal mesh workshop, perforated workshop, stamping wire mesh products workshop, molds made, and deep-processing workshop.

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    4-surface treatment

    Surface treatment

    5-final product

    Final product






    Q1:How to make an inquiry about Perforated Metal Mesh?

    A1:You need to provide material, hole size, thickness, sheet size, and the quantity to ask for an offer. You can also indicate if you have any special requirements.
    Q2:Could you provide a free sample?
    A2:Yes, we can provide a free sample in half A4 size together with our catalogue. But the courier charge will be on your side. We'll send back the courier charge if you make an order.
    Q3:How is your Payment Term?
    A3:Generally, our payment term is T/T 30% in advance and the balance 70% before shipping. Other payment terms we can also discuss.
    Q4:How is your delivery time?
    A4:The delivery time is usually determined by the technology and quantity of the product. If it’s urgent for you, we also could communicate with the production department about the delivery time.

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