Clear vision 135 mesh dust pollen PM2.5 proof window screen

Short Description:

Product name——
Color——white; black
Material——composite material
Mesh size——100mesh; 135mesh; 200mesh
Width——1m; 1.2m; 1.5m

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1. Anti-haze window screens look no different from ordinary window screens.But unlike ordinary screens, this thin layer of film is filled with holes that are invisible to the naked eye.Each square centimeter is probably densely packed with millions of molecular-sized holes.Molecular-scale pores allow only molecules to pass through, so fine particles such as PM2.5 can be blocked by the thin film without affecting the passage of molecular components such as carbon dioxide.

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Product Name  PM2.5 Filter Screen Mesh/Anti-haze window screens
Material Composite material
Mesh Size 100mesh,135mesh,200mesh,800mesh
Color Black,white,gray
Length 30m,50m,or customized
Width 1m,1.2m,1.25m
Surface Treatment Whitewashing,Baking varnish,Powder coated
Applications Window,Door,Curtain Wall,Architectural cladding and decoration,Fencing

Advantage of Our Anti-Haze Window Screen Mesh

(1)High Strength
(2)Good Ventilation and HD visual effects
(3)Perfect Transparency.
(4)Dust prevention.
(5)Anti- mosquito and insects. 
(6)Oil and water-resistant.
(7)Anti-bacteria and virus, anti haze and fog.

3.The anti-haze window screen is made of composite material with very thin diameter, which can reduce wind resistance and fine mesh and increase ventilation.The gauze material itself has static electricity, adsorbs extremely tiny dust in the mesh, preventing it from entering the room.The surface of the mesh is smooth and free from dust, so it is easy to clean.

Anti-Haze Application

Anti-haze screen window can not only prevent the haze into the room, and it has a good transmission of light and air circulation, we do not have to worry about the installation of this kind of window, caused by air ventilation and bad lighting and indoor air turbidity and indoor dim and other problems.
Our window screen products are widely used to prevent mosquitoes,
eliminate noise,protect swimming pool and so on at the factory,resort,bank,nursing home,resident building,airport,hospital,school,office building,high-end villa.

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