Custom Slot Capsule Hole Oblong Perforated Metal

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Professional Custom Architectural Slot Hole Oblong Perforated Metal is made of sloted holes perforated metal, which popular in architectural buidlings and also is the best solution to liquids and solids filtrations.

The common materials are galvanized steel sheet, aluminum sheets, stainless steel sheet, copper and brass sheet, etc. For the hole shapes, the round hole is the most popular and economical pattern. There are diamond holes, square holes, slotted holes, hexagonal holes, flower holes and other decorative patterns. The surface treatment of the perforated panels can be polished, powder coated, PVDF, anodizing, etc.

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  • Materials: Aluminum, stainless sheet, black steel, galvanized steel, copper/brass, etc.
  • Thickness: Customized
  • Hole Shape: Round, Square, Hexagonal, Cross, Triangular, Oblong, etc.
  • Arrangement of Holes: Straight; Side Stagger; End Stagger
  • Pitches (Center to Center): Customized by Buyer
  • Surface Treatment: Powder coating, PVDF Coating, Galvanization, Anodizing, etc.
  • Packing: Rolls/Pieces in wooden case/steel pallets
  • Quality Control: ISO Certificate; SGS Certificate
  • MOQ: 10 Square Meters
  • Samples: Available
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    Custom Architectural Slot Capsule Hole Oblong Perforated Metal

    I. Slotted Hole Arrangements

    end staggered perforated metal

    side staggered perforated metal

    straight line perforated metal 

    End Staggered

    Side Staggered

    Straight Line

    II. Pricing Parameters of Slot Capsule Hole Oblong Perforated Metal

    Same as the common parameters, slot capsule hole oblong perforated metal includes the following factors:

    1. Materials of perforated metal

    2. Thickness of perforated metal

    3. Hole Patterns, diameters, sizes of perforated metal

    4. Pitches(Center to Center) of perforated metal

    5. Surface treatment of perforated metal

    6. Width and length per roll/piece and total quantity.

    III. Other Hole Shapes for your reference

     perforated metal hole shaps

    IV. Applications of Slot Capsule Hole Oblong Perforated Metal

    1. Architectural decoration such as wall & ceiling panels, cladding and sunshade, fences and protective panels.

    2. Sieves for grain and seeds cleaning and drying machine.

    3. Mill of flour and rice.

    4. Rope belt conveyors.

    5. Filter elements, etc. 

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