Decorative Wire Mesh Screen

Short Description:

Decorative wire mesh include metal coil drapery, chainmail ring mesh, chain link fly curtain. From the selection of raw material, weaving, edge locking, surface treatment to other processes, it make the decorative wire mesh has various bright color and beautiful appearance for interior decoration.

For the installation of the screen mesh, installation video and accessories are available for clients, which make easy to handle.

For more details of each type, always welcome to your inquiry at any time.

  • Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, iron, brass, etc. or customized
  • Colors: RAL Color Card
  • Screen Types: Metal coil drapery; Chainmail ring mesh; Fly curtain
  • Screen sheet size: Could be cut as your needs
  • Installation : Is available
  • Packing: In rolls
  • Certifications : ISO and SGS
  • MOQ: 10 Square Meters
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    Decorative Wire Mesh Screen

    decorative wire mesh


    I Chain link mesh

    ——Product description

    Metal coil drapery is also named chain link mesh, metal coil curtain, Metal coil drapery, creative metal fabric, or decorative wire mesh curtain in our local market. It is a modern and innovative decorative metal curtain with flexibility and gloss of metal wire. Due to its unique design and durability, Metal coil drapery is not a common curtain but a high-quality decoration. Available in various colors, Metal coil drapery can bring an endless imagination and great aesthetic appeal under the reflection of the light. It is widely used in interior and exterior decoration.

    productimg (5)

     Common Dimensions

    Metal coil drapery


    Wire Diameter

    Aperture Size

    Height Of The Mesh

    Length Of The Mesh


    1 mm

    4*4 mm




    1 mm

    6*6 mm




    1.2 mm

    4*4 mm




    1.2 mm

    6*6 mm




    1.2 mm

    7*7 mm




    1.2 mm

    8*8 mm




    1.2 mm

    10*10 mm









    Chain link mesh can be made into aluminum original colors and many other colors, such as blue, brass, cyan, golden, rose golden, etc.

    colorful chain link mesh

    ——Production process

    chain link mesh process

    About the installation, Metal coil drapery needs to use the track, track head, pulley wheel, fastener, screw to fix on the wall or roof.

    productimg (2)

    chain link mesh installation



    Chain link mesh is widely used for the decoration of windows, ceilings, stairs, elevators, living rooms, office buildings, hotels, dance halls, business halls, and large shopping centers. 

    For example, the room divider curtain of the hotel hall, the shading curtain of the corridor, the door curtain, and the exhibition curtain of the art exhibition hall. Metal coil drapery gives people a strong sense of delicacy, elegance, fashion, and beauty of modern art. Especially under the light, it gives people impressive-looking, reflecting elegant temperament and noble taste.

    chain link mesh application

    II Fly Curtain Mesh

    China Double Hook Chain


    Fly chain link curtain, also named chain fly screen, is made from aluminum wire with anodized surface treatment. As we all known, aluminum material is lightweight, recyclable, durability with flexible structure. This ensures chain link curtain has excellent rust resistance and good fire prevention properties. Fly chain link curtain is made of aluminum. The size of hole usually is 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm and 2.0mm. The common size of the mesh per piece is 90cm*204.5cm, 90cm*214.5cm. It can also be customized according to clients’ requirements. Aluminum chain link curtain is used for door or window hang shade, space divider and ceiling decoration.

    Fly chain link curtain Specification


    100% aluminum material

    Wire diameter

    0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, etc.

    Hook width

    9mm or 12mm

    Hook length

    17mm, 20.4mm, 22.5mm, 24mm and so on.

    Curtain size

    0.8m * 2m, 0.9m * 1.8m, 0.9m * 2m, 1m* 2m, 1m*2.1m, etc.

    Surface treatment



    Silver, black, green, blue, red, purple, golden, copper, bronze and any other colors can be customized for clients

    Features of the fly chain link curtain

    (1)Colorful, strong sense of falling, flexible
    (2)Dignified and generous, good stereoscopic effect
    (3)Anti-corrosion, fireproof, good shading effects
    (4) High-temperature resistance but never get faded
    (5)Extensive use, remarkable decoration effect
    (6)Various shapes and sizes are available
    (7)Environmental protection, long service life

    chain color


    Fly chain link curtain for window

    chain for window

    Fly chain link curtain for door

    chain for door

    Fly chain link curtain for ceiling

    chain for ceiling

    Fly chain link curtain for divider



    chain packing

    II Chailmail Ring Mesh


    Key Parameters

    A: Material 
    B: Wire diameter
    C: Ring Size
    D: Height of the mesh
    E: Length of the mesh 
    F: Color
    G: Need Installation Accessories or not
    H: Other requirements please advise us
    These are only some parts of our products, not all. If you need other specifications, please feel free to contact me. As our factory can customize the specification as your requirements.

    Ring Mesh Curtain is very popular in acting as dividers, curtains, wall background, and decorative mesh for shopping malls, restaurants, and home decoration. In contrast with fabric curtains, a metal ring mesh curtain gives a special and fashionable feeling. Nowadays, the ring mesh curtain/chain mail curtain has been constantly increasing prevalent in decoration. It has become a range of options for designers in the architecture field and decoration field. And it could be provided with many different shiny metallic colors applied as building's facade, room dividers, screen, ceilings, curtains, and more.

    Colors for your choice

    ring mesh
    ring mesh6

    Ring types for refenrence


    Stainless Steel Ring Mesh


    Stainless Steel Ring Mesh


    Copper Color Ring Mesh


    Golden Color Ring Mesh


    Brass Color Ring mesh


    Ring mesh curtains are very popular in shopping malls as dividers, curtains, wall backdrops, and decorative netting, compared to fabric curtains, metal ring mesh curtains are very flexible in length and can be curled, and at the same time can provide many different Shiny metallic color, giving a particularly fashionable feel.

    Ring net curtains/chainmail curtains are becoming more and more popular in decor these days. It has become a series of choices for designers in the field of architecture and decoration.

    Widely used, such as: curtains, space separation, wall decoration, stage background, ceiling decoration, public building art, etc. in shopping malls, restaurants, halls, commercial offices, hotels, bars, lounges, exhibitions, etc.


    —— Packing


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