Factory Supplied Anti Wind Fence Perforated Metal Windbreak

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Factory Supplied Anti Wind Fence Perforated Metal Windbreak
Wind Dust Fence is by using the theory of aerodynamics, in accordance with the implementation of the environmental wind tunnel experimental results processed into a certain geometric shape, opening rate, and different aperture combination Wind Dust Fence, make the circulation of air (wind) from the outside, through the wall, the wall on the inside of the form, the interference of air has reached to the lateral winds, medial weak wind, small wind, the lateral inside without the effect of the wind, So as to prevent dust from flying.

  • Material : Stainless sheet, black steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.
  • Hole Shape : Round hole,Diamond hole, flower hole, hexagon hole , sector hole, etc.
  • Hole Size(mm): 1.5mm,3mm,5mm,10mm or customized.
  • Surface Treatment : Powder coating, PVDF Coating, galvanization, anodizing, etc.
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    Corrugated perforated metal includes windbreak mesh, noise barriers, water treatment material. Corrugated perforated metal also calls windbreak mesh, wind dustproof mesh, an anti-wind dust fence. The windbreak mesh is mainly made of galvanized steel. The characteristics of windbreak mesh are good toughness and resistance to high and low temperature, flame retardant, various thickness, and color. Has a long service life, the color bright not easy fade.


    Corrugated Perforated Metal

    Noise barriers have the characteristics of no pollution, anti-glare, anti-aging, anti-impact, anti-freezing, and thawing, stable sound absorption coefficient, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, high-speed airflow impact resistance, easy bending, easy processing, easy transportation, easy maintenance. Generally speaking, the cost performance is reasonable and can be sprayed with a variety of colors.


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    The application of windbreak mesh includes power plants, coal mines, coking plants, and other enterprises plant reservoir coal yard, seaports, docks coal storage yard and various kinds of materials yard, steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises of all sorts of the outdoor yard, railway and Highway transportation station coal storage yard. construction site, road engineering temporary building field.


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    Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd. is located in Anping, Hebei, which is the hometown of wire mesh in the world. It is a professional manufacturer of expanded metal mesh, perforated metal mesh, decorative wire mesh, stamping parts, and deep processing of other wire mesh products. 

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    Corrugated Perforated Metal

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