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China Perforated Metal

In the architectural and interior works in recent years, we often see those exquisitely patterned veneers, building curtain walls, and sculptures. From a distance, it looks like they have been painted on aluminum plates, but from a closer look, we see metal plates with small holes. haunt. This traditional material has frequently entered our field of vision in recent years, it is a perforated plate.

Perforated plates have several significant advantages.

1. Excellent design effect.

Although the name is not brilliant enough, it is definitely a decorative material that combines beauty and talent; It can greatly restore the original design effect. It looks like a simple punching process, but it can present various finishing styles by controlling the size and position of holes.

Because of this "highly DIY" feature, it provides designers with more and more flamboyant design ideas. At the same time, perforated materials can play a certain role in noise reduction, so it has become a popular metal sheet in the decorative market in recent years.

china perforated metal mesh

2. Simple process and good performance

The perforated aluminum plate is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material by mechanical pressure processing (shearing or sawing) to obtain a plate with a rectangular cross-section and a uniform thickness. The production method is relatively simple; after selecting the raw materials to complete the perforation, directly according to the specifications of different materials, cut to a suitable size, and perforate on a CNC punching machine.

China Perforated Sheet

3. Rich variety and material
The types of perforated plates are very rich. Common materials that can be used for perforation are stainless steel plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, PVC plate, cold-rolled coil, hot-rolled plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and other materials.
In addition to round holes, there are many hole types to choose from, such as: square holes, diamond holes, hexagonal holes, cross holes, triangular holes, plum blossom holes, fish scale holes, pattern holes, irregular holes, special-shaped holes , louver holes, etc. In the case of ensuring the quality of the plate, the most common is the hole diameter of 6mm and the spacing of 15mm.

China Perforated Metal

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Post time: May-12-2022