Decorative Interior Square Design False Metal Suspended Ceiling Board

Expanded metal ceiling is broadly used in places with requirements of soundproof or decorating, shopping mall, supermarket, hall, airport, bus station, restaurant, hotels, schools, KTV, factories, studios, galleries, residential buildings and other places with requirements of controlling noise and decorating.Expanded metal ceiling tile with various colors for decoration.Raised expanded metal ceiling tile.Expanded metal ceiling with multifarious hole shape for decoration.Expanded metal ceiling is easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts.

Expanded metal mesh ceiling thick luxurious texture, and never rust, in the current decoration is often used as ceiling material, known as ceiling steel Expanded metal mesh ceiling, material is 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel.  

 Stainless steel Expanded metal mesh ceiling is made of stainless steel material by cutting and stretching metal plates, and then it is made of ceiling material through trimming treatment, which is fixed on the ceiling of the room through the keel.  The edge of stainless steel plate mesh is to repair the edge, or weld stainless steel Angle iron, or to hold the edge, in short, it is easy to install, but also conducive to viewing.  In stainless steel plate mesh welding generally need to use the same material of welding materials, sometimes manufacturers use cheap stainless steel electrode in order to save costs, but in order not to rust, after the completion of welding will be sprayed with chromium stainless steel paint, just need to observe carefully will find.  A large part of the price of ceiling steel Expanded metal mesh ceiling is in the edge of this, so only those tuhao are willing to use, this is why stainless steel steel Expanded metal mesh ceiling ceiling is not very common in our life.  


Post time: Aug-17-2021