Do you know epoxy-coated wire mesh?

Epoxy woven mesh is a mesh material woven from epoxy resin and fiberglass. It has the following characteristics:

Strong corrosion resistance: Epoxy resin woven mesh has strong corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of various chemical substances.

Good high temperature resistance: Epoxy woven mesh can be used in high temperature environment for a long time, and its high temperature resistance is better than ordinary plastic materials.

High strength: Due to the use of glass fiber weaving, the epoxy resin woven mesh has high strength and rigidity, and can withstand large tensile and compressive forces.

Lightweight: Compared with metal materials, epoxy resin woven mesh has a lighter weight, which is convenient for handling and installation.

Woven Filter Mesh
Woven Filter Mesh

The main uses of epoxy coated wire mesh include:

1. Anti-corrosion and thermal insulation: due to its good corrosion resistance, it can be used in anti-corrosion and thermal insulation projects, such as chemical plants, petrochemical and other industries.

2. Sewage treatment: Epoxy woven mesh can be used in sewage treatment equipment, such as screens, filters, etc.

3. Building materials: Epoxy resin woven mesh can be used in building materials, such as wall insulation materials, roof waterproof materials, etc.

4. Electronic appliances: epoxy resin woven mesh can be used in the field of electronic appliances, such as circuit boards, capacitors, etc.

Woven Filter Mesh

In conclusion, epoxy resin woven mesh has broad application prospects and can play an important role in different fields.

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Post time: May-22-2023