Have you ever seen an art museum building with expanded mesh?

Decorative expanded aluminum mesh is made of aluminum plate cut and stretched by machine and is currently widely used in outdoor curtain wall decoration. French architect Dominique Perrault took the lead in introducing this mesh metal material creatively into the field of architectural finishes. Afterward, many designers started to notice it and use it in their designs.

China Expanded Metal Sheet

When used in curtain wall construction, the aluminum expanded metal mesh has no rust, beautiful color, and is generous, and because of its metal stability, it can resist the invasion of natural storms and other climates, and the aluminum expanded mesh has good welding performance and can be well matched with the frame. welding. The stretched aluminum mesh can also be recycled for waste and can be recycled. It is convenient to clean in daily maintenance, no pests and boring deformation; no burning, safer in case of fire.

Expanded Metal Facade

Features of Aluminum Expanded Mesh Used in Curtain Wall:
1. Lightweight: The density is relatively small, the weight is relatively light, and the construction is relatively convenient.
2. Corruption resistance: It has excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively extend the lifespan of use.
3. High strength: It can be used for a long time without deformation and damage.
4. Wind: The hole-shaped design has excellent ventilation and can resist about 12 winds.
5. Appearance: Because of his corrosion resistance and anti-aging, his appearance is very bright and has a strong ornamental quality.

Expanded Metal Facade

New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art is a very typical aluminum expanded metal curtain wall building.After the New Art Museum officially opened to the public at the end of 2007, its outstanding minimalist design was widely praised by architectural media.The exterior is covered with two layers of aluminum metal expanded mesh. Aluminum expanded mesh gives people a quite different impression, bright, white and translucent, bringing a completely different lightness, delicacy and penetration to the building.

A major application of expanded metal mesh is actually used as a curtain wall, and the projects of the majority of customers we cooperate with are also used for the curtain walls of the project.
If you also have needs in this area, you are welcome to communicate with us, and we hope to help you complete your project.


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