Is the anti-smog window screen a lie?

Smog is a mixture of fog and haze. Fog is generally non-toxic and harmless. The core substance of haze is smoke, dust and other substances suspended in the air. Inhaling it will cause damage to people's respiratory tract and lungs. The anti-fog screen window is specially used to solve the impact of smog on the interior, and it is also relatively effective.

The anti-fog screen window uses a unique composite technology, which combines a functional nuclear pore membrane with 500,000 to 600,000 micropores per square centimeter and a polyester window screen with high weather resistance. The micropores with uniform diameter can effectively block outdoor dust, smoke, automobile exhaust, pollen, spores, catkins, PM2.5 and other pollutants from entering the room.

The test report issued by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the anti-fog screens with this function can effectively block PM2.5 by more than 98%. The staff of the center used a haze meter to measure in real time in the room where the nuclear pore membrane anti-haze ventilation screens were installed. The PM2.5 reading was 54 micrograms per cubic meter (good), but when the haze meter was extended outside for testing, the reading instantly rose to 226 micrograms per cubic meter (heavily polluted).

The side material of the anti-fog screen window is aluminum alloy, and the rest of the connecting parts are all made of PVC material, which is assembled separately, and the gap between the window and the window frame will not be too large like the traditional screen window, and the airtightness is very good. You don't have to worry about it coming in through gaps.

The anti-fog screen window can not only prevent the smog from entering the room, but also has good lighting and air circulation. We don't have to worry about installing this kind of window, resulting in poor air circulation and poor lighting. It can cause problems such as indoor air turbidity and indoor darkness.

anti haze window mesh
anti haze window mesh

Generally speaking, anti-fog screens are quite effective in protecting against smog, and the technology for making such screens has become more and more mature, and the quality is generally very good. Everyone must pay attention to its quality when choosing, and don't buy poor-quality screen windows, which will not work and waste money.

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Post time: Mar-15-2023