Master in one minute! Easy replacement of excavator air filter element in six steps

The first step

When the engine is not started, open the rear side door of the cab and the end cover of the filter element, remove and clean the rubber vacuum valve at the lower cover of the air filter shell, check whether the sealing edge is worn, and replace the valve if necessary.

Xiaobian: Before maintaining the air filter, the engine must be turned off first, and ensure that the safety control lever is placed in a locked position. If the engine is replaced and cleaned when running, dust will enter the engine.  Wear a protective eye mask if using compressed air to clean the filter.

The second step

Remove the air filter element, check whether there is damage to the filter element, such as damage should be replaced in time;  Clean the outer air filter element from inside to outside with high-pressure air, noting that the air pressure should not exceed 205 kPa (30 psi).

Xiaobian: On the filter element after cleaning, if there are holes or thinner parts on the filter element when the lamp is illuminated and checked again, the filter element needs to be replaced.

The third step

When removing and replacing the air inner filter element, pay attention to the inner filter is a disposable part, do not clean or reuse.

Xiaobian: Don’t save money carelessly, or you will waste a lot of money.

The fourth step

Use a damp cloth to clean the dust inside the shell. Do not use high-pressure air to clean the dust.

Xiaobian: Remember it’s a wet rag!

Step 5

Properly install the inner and outer air filter element and the end cover of the filter element, ensuring that the arrow mark on the cover is upward.

Xiaobian: Remember to ensure that the inner/outer filter element is installed in place and then lock the fixed butterfly nut!

Step 6

After cleaning the external filter for 6 times or working time reaches 2000 hours, the internal/external filter shall be replaced once.

When operating in harsh environments, the maintenance cycle of air filter should be adjusted or shortened appropriately according to the situation on site. If necessary, the oil bath prefilter can be selected or installed to ensure the intake quality of the engine, and the oil in the oil bath prefilter should be replaced every 250 hours.

Post time: Aug-30-2021