Misunderstandings in the process of purchasing aluminum mesh

In the process of purchasing aluminum mesh, customers are easy to fall into purchasing misunderstandings or are even be deceived because they do not know enough about the products. So what should users pay attention to when buying aluminum mesh? How do get out of the misunderstanding of buying aluminum mesh?

In recent years, the quality of aluminum meshes sold on the market is uneven. As a manufacturer that has been engaged in the production of aluminum mesh for many years, we have contacted many customers and found that they have encountered many problems before purchasing from us, and fell into misunderstanding of purchasing.

China Perforated Aluminum Sheet
China Perforated Aluminum Sheet

There are mainly the following:

1. One-sided pursuit of low prices and lax requirements for product appearance. Some people even said: "As long as it's not too ugly, it can be used!" In fact, many aluminum meshes appear in the sight of others, and they are also aluminum meshes. The visual experience of beauty and non-beauty is different. In the case of only considering the cheap price, without considering the appearance at all, it is easy to cause the final presentation effect to be very different from the imagination.

2. In order to save the cost of aluminum mesh, regardless of the use environment, only the smallest aluminum mesh is required. Under normal circumstances, the aluminum mesh should be selected according to the bearing requirements. Moreover, the current main use of aluminum mesh is to move people or place equipment. In the case of not paying attention to the use environment, choosing the specifications at will, there will be a great safety hazard.

3. The size of the aluminum plate is not ideal. When customizing the size, some buyers tend to divide the size according to the drawing. They did not take into account that the aluminum mesh has its own limitations in the production and processing process, such as molds, etc. Therefore, the size of the size should be negotiated by multiple parties, especially considering the suggestions of engineering and technical personnel, and then the final confirmation of the size.

4. Think that there is no difference between manual welding and mechanical welding. In addition to the appearance, the automatic pressure welding aluminum mesh welding process is much more beautiful than the manual plate, and the firmness of the machine welding is unmatched by the manual welding. In addition, manual welding needs to make notches on the bearing flat steel, which has a large bearing requirement. In this case, or an unexpected increase in load, the safety hazards of hand welding are exposed.

If you have other questions, please feel free to consult us. As a manufacturer with 26 years of experience, we will try our best to solve the problem for you.


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