Science of metal mesh|How to distinguish punched mesh and woven mesh?

I believe that you can see all kinds of mesh objects everywhere in your daily life, do you know how they are produced? What are the differences? Most of the various mesh objects on the market are divided into punching mesh and woven mesh.

The punching net is made of a metal punching plate that is stamped and stretched by a press to produce a sheet-like object with a rhombus or circular mesh.

The woven mesh is a metal screen surface that is woven into various hole shapes by metal wires intersecting each other.

The similarities between punching mesh and woven mesh: both are made of metal, and both are mesh workpieces that can be processed into various hole types.

perforated metal mesh
Decorative Woven Wire Mesh

The difference between punching mesh and woven mesh: First, the processing technology of the two is different. The punching mesh screen is made of metal plate, which is suitable for mechanical equipment protective cover, household appliance filter, acoustic component speaker mesh, sound insulation board, Decorative panels for tables and chairs, shopping mall shelves, decorative display stands, ventilation filters, etc.

Woven mesh is decorated with silk wire, mainly used for metal mesh curtains, metal curtains, curtain wall metal mesh curtains, decorative metal mesh curtains, etc.

The perforated mesh has the characteristics of flat and smooth mesh surface, elegant appearance, strong and durable, large opening ratio, large filtration area, precise aperture and pitch, corrosion resistance, and easy secondary processing.

The woven net is made of hooks, and has the characteristics of well-proportioned rings, flat surface, unique style, wide net and thick wire pitch.


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