The perforated metal mesh—Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh

What is perforated mesh?

Definition:  Perforated mesh refers to punching holes of different shapes on different materials to suit different needs.

China Perforated Metal

Material:  Most of the raw materials used for punching mesh are: stainless steel plates, low carbon steel plates, galvanized plates, PVC plates, cold-rolled plates, hot-rolled plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, etc.

Types:  pattern punching mesh, forming punching mesh, heavy-duty punching mesh, extra-thin punching mesh, micro-hole punching mesh, wire-cut punching mesh, laser punching mesh, etc.

Hole type specifications:  The main specifications of punching mesh are rectangular holes, square holes, diamond holes, round holes, long round holes, hexagonal holes, cross holes, triangular holes, long waist holes, plum blossom holes, fish scale holes, pattern holes, eight-character holes Nets, herringbone holes, pentagram holes, irregular holes, drum holes, special-shaped holes, louver holes, etc.

1. Coil thickness 0.2mm-1mm, length 20m

2. Aperture 3mm-10mm

3. Sheet thickness 0.2mm-20mm; width*length≤1.5m*5m

4. Aperture 0.25mm-200mm

China Perforated Metal


China Plate Perforated

The main purpose:

The use of perforated mesh is very wide, and it has many uses in daily life and industrial buildings.

It can be used for environmental protection noise control barriers in highways, railways, subways and other transportation and municipal facilities that pass through urban areas, and sound-absorbing panels for sound insulation and noise reduction of building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources;

Wind Breaker Wall
Wholesale Perforated Metal Ceiling

It can be used for sound-absorbing nets for ceilings and wall panels of buildings, dust-proof and sound-proof covers for acoustics, or exquisite decorative orifice panels for stairs, balconies, and environmentally friendly tables and chairs;

Stainless steel fruit baskets, food covers, fruit trays and other kitchen utensils that can be used in kitchen equipment;

As well as shelf nets, decorative exhibition stands for shopping malls, ventilation and ventilation nets for grain depots, and water seepage and water filter screens for football field lawns.

China Perforated Mesh
Perforated Stairs

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