What are the characteristics and selection of various filter element materials?

What are the characteristics and selection of various filter element materials?

The filter elements in the chemical industry are currently mainly occupied by huge manufacturers, with hundreds of thousands of models involved.

In terms of material selection, it is generally determined according to the use environment of the filter element. For example, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. are required.

In terms of technology, at present, according to the finalization of our own products and the combination of our own equipment, this requires specific analysis of specific situations. But it must meet the environmental needs of the filter element. The high-strength built-in steel plate is supported by punching holes, and the end caps are mostly made of engineering plastics. The filter material generally chooses glass fiber or stainless steel high-precision woven cloth. As a domestic industrial filter element, the outer protection net generally chooses a round hole punched steel mesh or a diamond hole stretched steel mesh. Common filter materials are glass fiber, chemical fiber, and stainless steel. The end cover is mostly made of steel plate or aluminum, and some engineering plastics.

There are many kinds of industrial filter elements and filter materials. The common ones are glass fiber, chemical fiber, polyester, stainless steel (various models such as 304 304l, etc.), nickel microporous, oil-absorbing felt, water-repellent net, and so on. General industrial filter elements will be composed of a variety of materials to meet the needs of the use environment.

The supporting materials mainly involve stainless steel (various models such as 304, 304L, etc.), cold-rolled steel plates, engineering plastics, etc.

The material of the end cap is almost the same as that of the support.
The design of the end cap of the industrial filter element needs to be fully matched with the use environment.

Final summary: Industrial filter element is a high-end filtration industry, and it must have its own main research and development department, which needs to have advanced production machines and testing equipment. Industrial filters are completely different from heavy-duty automotive filters. Those who make industrial filter elements can also make automotive filter elements, but those who make automotive filter elements cannot produce industrial filter elements with existing machines and technologies.

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Post time: Mar-07-2023