What can the plastering net do?—Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh

Expanded metal mesh is installed and used in the process of wall plastering. It mainly plays the role of reinforcement and cracks prevention. It is a necessary reinforcement metal building material for building walls.

plastering mesh

Expanded gypsum mesh is a reinforcing material in architectural decoration, which is made by cutting and stretching a steel plate into a diamond-shaped mesh.
Plastering net is mainly used for plastering projects of high-rise buildings, civil buildings, workshops or warehouses. The uneven surface gives it strong adhesion and can bond closely with building materials, preventing cracks due to temperature changes, humidity and mechanical stress.
At the same time, expanded gypsum mesh can be applied to concrete, brick, wood, gypsum surfaces.

plastering mesh
plastering mesh

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Post time: Aug-03-2022