Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Woven Wire Mesh Filter Disc Screen

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Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Woven Wire Mesh Filter Disc Screen
1. Various micron ratings.
2. Accurate filtration precision.
3. Available in multiple layers for good mechanical strength and fine filtration.
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  • Material: Stainless steel, copper, brass
  • Shapes: Round, square, circle, bowl, customized
  • Certifications: SGS, ISO
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    Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Woven Wire Mesh Filter Disc Screen

    I. Specifications for your choice

    1. Materials of Woven Wire Mesh Filter Discs:

    The filter mesh is processed by a special mold through a punch press. The raw materials are stainless steel mesh, Nickel Mesh, Tungsten Mesh, Titanium Mesh, Monel Wire Mesh, Inconel Mesh, Hastelloy Mesh, Nichrome Mesh, etc.

    2. Shapes of Woven Wire Mesh Filter Discs:

    The shapes of filter screen products are rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, ring, rectangle, hat, waist, special-shaped.

    3. Types of Woven Wire Mesh Filter Discs:

    The product structure of the filter screen is a single layer, double layer and multi-layer.

    4. Produce process:

    There are two ways of producing process: one is the stainless steel filter is stamped, pressed, the edge with a metal plate or injection molding bag edge, the other is the stainless steel wedge wire wrapped wire. With the different shapes of filter mesh, the technology is also different.

    5. Other Types of Filter Mesh:

    Wholesale Filter Screen
    filter mesh

    II. Applications

    1. The filter screen can effectively remove the physical impurities in the collection and filtration system.

    2. Protect the pipeline equipment, and improve the performance of the filter medium.

    3. It is suitable for various fuel filters, liquid filtration, and water treatment equipment.

    4. Filter mesh is used in mechanical air ventilation, it can maintain the mechanical cleaning and prevent sundries from into the cavity.

    5. Filter through the screen, so as to avoid sundries, in order to increase the service life of the machine.

    6. Filter mesh is suitable for distillation, absorption, evaporation, and filtration in petroleum, oil refining, chemical, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery and other industries.

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    Ⅲ. Why choose us


    Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd. is located in Anping, Hebei, which is the hometown of wire mesh in the world. It is a professional manufacturer of expanded metal mesh, perforated metal mesh, decorative wire mesh,stamping parts and deep processing of other wire mesh products. 

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    Ⅳ. Packing&delivery

    packing filter


    Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

    A1: We are a professional manufacturer of chain link curtain wire mesh products. We have been specialized in wire mesh for decades and accumulated rich experiences in this field.

    Q2: How to make an inquiry of the Filter Screen?
    A2: You need to provide material, mesh size, and the total quantity to ask for an offer. You can also indicate if you have any special requirements. 
    Q3: Could you provide a free sample?

    A3: Yes, we can provide a free sample in half A4 size together with our catalog. But the courier charge will on your side. We'll send back the courier charge if you make an order.

    Q4: How is your Payment Term? 

    A4: Generally, our payment term is T/T 30% in advance and the balance 70% against the copy of B/L. Other payment terms we can also discuss.

    Q5: How is your delivery time? 

    A5: ①We always prepare enough stock material for your urgent requirement, the delivery time is 7 days for all the stock material. ② According to the quantity and technology you required for the non-stock items to offer you the exact delivery time and production schedule.

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