Do you know the advantages of metal curtain walls?

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When it comes to metal curtain walls, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Metal curtain walls are a kind of curtain wall whose panel material is made of metal. Generally hung on the outside of the exterior wall, as a new form of building curtain wall, metal curtain wall, like glass curtain wall, is a curtain wall that is designed to make the building more beautiful. In comparison, metal curtain wall panels have excellent processing performance and safety, can adapt to various complex shapes, and can also design many concave and convex lines, so they are now widely used!
Metal curtain walls use many surface materials, such as aluminum composite panels, single-layer aluminum panels, fireproof panels, etc. Currently, most metal curtain walls are made of aluminum panels. Generally, the most commonly used are aluminum composite panels, single-layer aluminum panels, and sandwich insulation. Waiting for three materials!
So far, aluminum curtain walls have always occupied a dominant position in metal curtain walls. The lightweight material reduces the load on the building and provides good selection conditions for high-rise buildings. It has excellent waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties. It ensures that the outer surface of the building is new; processing, transportation, installation and construction are relatively easy to implement, providing strong support for its widespread use; the diversity of colors and the ability to be combined and processed into different appearance shapes expand the architect's capabilities Design space; high performance-price ratio, easy maintenance, long service life, and meets the owner's requirements. Therefore, as a more impactful architectural form, aluminum panel curtain walls are highly favored.
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Post time: Sep-19-2023