Features and functions of diamond mesh window screens

Diamond mesh screen is a kind of anti-theft screen. It refers to the anti-theft screen that uses King Kong mesh as the screen. Mid-to-high-end diamond mesh, also known as bulletproof mesh, has high strength, impact resistance and other characteristics.

King Kong mesh windows are made of high-strength stainless steel wire made by heavy-duty precision looms, and the surface is sprayed with matte treatment. It is installed on aluminum doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes, flies and theft.

It is organically combined with existing doors and windows and has high-quality properties such as high strength, simplicity and strength, shear resistance, and impact resistance. It truly embodies the advantages of anti-theft, anti-insect, ventilation, beauty, and safety. The well-known Shengjinyang King Kong mesh windows are equipped with high-strength hardware locks that cannot be opened from the outside after being locked, thus providing an anti-theft effect.

King Kong mesh is a new type of high-end household profile on the market. It is suitable for assembly on relatively new and high-end doors and windows, meeting the needs of mid-to-high-end customers. It can not only prevent insects but also protect against theft without affecting the appearance.

The look and feel of the mesh: It is transparent and has no dizziness. It looks like a layer of transparent colored glass when viewed from indoors to the outdoors. It is blurry and blurry when viewed from the outdoors to the indoors. Diamond mesh has good hardness. Due to its high strength, it has good enough receptivity whether it is fixed on the wall or window, and is not afraid of intrusion by outsiders. The high-quality mesh is treated with electrophoretic paint and is not afraid of moisture and sunlight.

Corrosion from strong sun or bad environment. Because of its crisscross structure and wire diameter of 0.8mm, it not only prevents mosquitoes, but also enhances the anti-theft effect. The combination with high-quality locks and accessories highlights the features of this anti-theft door and window with excellent functions and guaranteed quality. With these anti-theft doors and windows, your home will be ventilated, breathable, and mosquito-free while ensuring that thieves cannot enter.

China Window Screen Mesh,Window Screen Mesh,Anti-Pollen Window Screen
China Window Screen Mesh,Window Screen Mesh,Anti-Pollen Window Screen
China Window Screen Mesh,Window Screen Mesh,Anti-Pollen Window Screen

1 Safety protection: reject unsafe factors and prevent damage or invasion by rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animals.
2. Prevent falling objects from height: The elderly in the room or the children playing will not be put in an unsafe state due to the opening of doors and windows.
3. Invisible and transparent: no sense of obstruction, no sense of obstruction, no sense of oppression, the room remains bright and natural at all times.
4. Easy to open and easy to escape: instead of the traditional fixed guardrail, it is easy for family members to quickly escape from the scene in the event of a fire or other crisis.
5. Power saving and energy saving: It does not cause air blockage, and the indoor air can be blown at any time, reducing unnecessary air conditioning operation.
6. Easy to care: Dust and oil stains are easy to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush to keep it as bright as new.

7. Resist ultraviolet rays: It can resist up to 30% of ultraviolet rays, allowing you to enjoy the sun while avoiding the damage of ultraviolet rays to your skin.
8 Humanized design: Domestic exclusive door and window corner protection design reduces the harm to the elderly and children caused by sharp door and window collision corners.
9 Low carbon and environmental protection: Made entirely of environmentally friendly materials, no pollution.
10 Wide application: suitable for high-end residences and villas.

Post time: Nov-14-2023