Happy Women’s Day to me and my dear friends!

3.8 International Women's Day is a day for women all over the world. This day is recognized by the United Nations, and it is also determined as a legal holiday by many countries. Women from all over the world, despite being divided by different national boundaries, races, languages, cultures, economies and politics, can celebrate their own festival at the same time on this day. Let us look back at the struggle for equality, justice, peace and development many years ago.

International Women's Day is a testament to the history of women making history and the long journey women have taken to achieve equality with men. Lysistrata in ancient Greece led women's struggle to stop war; during the French Revolution, women in Paris shouted "liberty, equality, fraternity" and took to the streets of Versailles to fight for suffrage.

On this day, women from all continents of the world, regardless of nationality, race, language, culture, economic and political differences, pay attention to women's human rights. In recent decades, four global conferences of the United Nations have strengthened the international women's movement, and as the international women's movement has grown, Women's Day has acquired global significance. These developments make International Women's Day a day of united and coordinated efforts to demand the return of women's rights and their right to participate in political, economic and social life.



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