Anti-mosquito restaurant double hook chain curtains—Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh

Anti-mosquito restaurant double hook chain curtains

—Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh

Chain Link Curtains

Chain link curtains, also known as aluminum chain curtains, are very popular and practical decorative screens or dividers in residential or commercial settings. It is an excellent alternative to ordinary window screens and an insect barrier that keeps flies, wasps and other flying insects out without compromising fresh air and light.
By the way, it's easy to get through and is perfect for doorways with high traffic. In addition to repelling insects, chain link curtains can also be used as room dividers, dividing a spacious area into smaller sections for different purposes.

Fly chain link curtain Specification


100% aluminum material

Wire diameter

0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, etc.

Hook width

9mm or 12mm

Hook length

17mm, 20.4mm, 22.5mm, 24mm and so on.

Curtain size

0.8m * 2m, 0.9m * 1.8m, 0.9m * 2m, 1m* 2m, 1m*2.1m, etc.

Surface treatment



Silver, black, green, blue, red, purple, golden, copper, bronze and any other colors can be customized for clients

Features of the fly chain link curtain

(1)Colorful, strong sense of falling, flexible
(2)Dignified and generous, good stereoscopic effect
(3)Anti-corrosion, fireproof, good shading effects
(4) High-temperature resistance but never get faded
(5)Extensive use, remarkable decoration effect
(6)Various shapes and sizes are available
(7)Environmental protection, long service life

Chain Link Curtain


Fly chain link curtain for decoration


Fly chain link curtain for window

chain for window

Fly chain link curtain for door

chain for door

Fly chain link curtain for ceiling

chain for ceiling

Fly chain link curtain for divider


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