How to carry out the plastic spraying process of perforated mesh

Compared with other surface treatment methods, plastic spraying is undoubtedly the most effective way to deal with the surface corrosion problem of perforated mesh. However, some manufacturers have recently reported that they have encountered many problems in the process of plastic spraying, resulting in the plastic spraying products not meeting the standards and being returned without reason. The emergence of this situation has even affected the production enthusiasm of manufacturers, and they are ready to give up the production of plastic spraying perforated mesh products. In view of the frequent occurrence of this situation, the author's suggestion is to adjust the steps in the plastic spraying process, reasonably carry out the plastic spraying link, and if necessary, start with the selection of plastic spraying materials.
1. Work before plastic spraying: Before the perforated mesh is processed, first of all, we must ensure that the surface of the product is clean, such as: paint used to remove rust, rust generated on the surface, dust on the mask, etc. These substances can have a certain impact on the plastic spraying process of the perforated mesh, so manufacturers should pay special attention to this.
2. Quality of spray powder: In addition, the quality of spray powder is also a point that we pay special attention to. You should know that in the process of spraying, the quality of spraying is closely related to its material selection. Therefore, if we want to make it spray anti-corrosion treatment, we need good quality spray materials. If you are greedy for cheapness and use relatively cheap and low-quality spray powder, the appearance of the product after treatment is bound to be very poor. Similarly, in the long-term application process, surface cracking will also occur.

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3. Electrostatic voltage: In the process of spraying the perforated mesh products, its voltage also needs our precise control, otherwise it will greatly affect the quality of spraying. Generally speaking, the voltage value range commonly used by people is about 50 kV to 60 kV, and when the amount of powder spraying is large, the voltage value of 60 kW to 80 kW is used, but the frequency should not be too large, otherwise it is very easy to cause safety hazards. In the normal spray process operation, the voltage value of about 30 kV to 50 kV is the most ideal and appropriate voltage value.

4. Spraying distance: This depends on the distance between the mesh holes. Generally speaking, in the field of plastic spraying of perforated mesh products, the plastic spraying spacing used by people ranges from 100 mm to 300 mm, which is the most ideal plastic spraying spacing value for perforated mesh products.
5. Powder spraying amount: When mentioning this issue, we must first check the basic conditions of the plastic spraying product itself, such as hole type, aperture, groove, etc. These parts can affect the quality of plastic spraying of perforated mesh, so it is a point that producers should pay special attention to. In addition, I would like to warn everyone that if the perforated mesh products with box structure are sprayed, we must pay attention to the proper application of plastic spraying powder, otherwise, it is very easy to cause the plastic spraying powder to accumulate inside, so as not to guarantee the hygiene standards and quality of the product.
6. Spraying at corners: When spraying the surface of the perforated mesh, we try to spray the corners first. When the corners are processed, we will process other parts. If necessary, the angle and voltage standard of the spraying tool can also be adjusted.
When the above points are achieved, the problem is basically solved. Naturally, the plastic spray punching products produced can also meet the standards, and there will be no more customer returns. In fact, these problems are not difficult to solve. The solution is not only based on simple construction steps, but also on the determination and efforts of the manufacturer. When doing business, you must know that the effort and return are proportional.

Post time: May-10-2024