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High safety metal fan cover for protecting the internal structure of the fan

Metal fan covers are generally suitable for occasions that require higher safety and durability, such as homes, offices, factories, etc. In these environments, metal fan covers can effectively protect the internal structure of the fan, improve the safety of the fan, and extend its service life.

Protecting the filter element filter end cap

The filter end cap, as a key component in the filtering equipment, is mainly used to close the holes of the filter to protect the internal filter element or filter material and prevent external impurities from entering.

Beautiful colored perforated mesh for decorative mesh

Colored perforated mesh has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the following aspects:
Building facade decoration: used for decoration of building exterior walls, curtain walls, screens and partitions, ceilings and suspended ceilings.

Expanded metal plaster mesh for building materials

Mainly used in large-scale plastering projects such as high-rise buildings, residential buildings, and factories.
It can be used as a plaster substrate to enhance the adhesion, shock resistance, and crack resistance of the wall.
In modern construction, as a new type of metal building material, its application is becoming more and more extensive.

Aluminum perforated metal speaker cover for car audio

Perforated metal sound covers are widely used in various audio equipment, such as car audio, home theater audio, professional performance audio, etc. They not only provide protection for the audio, but also improve the overall performance and aesthetics of the audio.

Prime grade perforated ss metal tube 316 stainless steel pipe

The working principle of the perforated metal filter cartridge is that when liquid or gas passes through the filter cartridge, particles or impurities smaller than the filter hole can pass through the holes of the filter material and enter the filter cartridge; while particles or impurities larger than the filter hole will be blocked by the filter material and thus intercepted outside the filter cartridge to achieve the purpose of filtration. The filtration efficiency of the filter cartridge is related to factors such as the filter hole size, filter material and the number of filter layers.

Galvanized expanded metal brick mesh Coil Reinforcement Brick Mesh

Reinforced Brick Mesh is a small concrete mesh that is widely used in the construction field, especially in hollow wall reinforcement, increasing elasticity, and preventing wall cracks.

Filter disc with uniform pores and acid and alkali resistance

As an important filter element, filter mesh plays an irreplaceable role in many fields. Its various shapes, structures and material selections, as well as its acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and uniform pores, enable filter mesh to meet various complex filtering needs. With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of technology, the performance and application areas of filter mesh will continue to expand and improve.

High efficiency filter gas and liquid filter

Gas-liquid filter is the main component used in the production of wire mesh demister, oil-gas separator, dust removal, environmental protection, engine silencer, mechanical shock absorption and other projects. At the same time, it is also widely used in the automotive industry, electronics industry and other fields.

Durable woven stainless steel wire gas-liquid filter

High efficiency: can effectively remove droplets or droplets in the gas and improve the gas purification efficiency.
Durability: woven with high-quality materials, with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Flexibility: gas-liquid filter screens of different specifications and materials can be customized according to customer needs.