How to choose high-quality aluminum alloy anti-skid plate

 1. From the aspect of profile quality, first look at the surface treatment method used. If the surface is a profile with ordinary oxidation, then first check whether the thickness of the oxide film meets the standard. The national standard for the thickness of the oxide film is generally above 10μm, and the curtain wall is above 10μm. The oxide film has strong wear resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance. It can form a variety of colors on the surface of the substrate and has strong hardness and impact resistance. If it is a profile with other surface treatments, it is also necessary to test whether the alkali resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance, and weather resistance are good, whether the profile surface is smooth, and whether the color is consistent.

2. Check whether the geometric angle of the profile is accurate. The profile cannot be bent or twisted, and the angle must be correct. High-quality aluminum alloy anti-skid plate has fine processing, exquisite installation, good sealing performance, and easy opening and closing. Poor quality aluminum alloy, blindly select aluminum profile series and specifications, shoddy processing, saw cutting instead of milling, installation not performed according to requirements, poor sealing performance, uneasy opening and closing, not only leaking air and rain and glass bursting, but also encountering strong wind and external force, it is easy to scrape or knock off the push-pull part or glass, destroying things and injuring people.
3. Look at the thickness, purity, hardness, toughness and compressive strength of the profile.
4. Look at the price. Under normal circumstances, the price of high-quality aluminum alloy anti-skid plates is about 30% higher than that of inferior aluminum alloy anti-skid plates due to high production costs. At present, there are many self-employed individuals processing aluminum alloy anti-skid plates, and they do not understand the structural characteristics and performance of aluminum alloy anti-skid plates. In order to reduce costs, they cut corners and use inferior products as good ones. The hidden dangers of the product are relatively large and are generally not suitable for use. It is best to use products from regular aluminum alloy anti-skid plate manufacturers.

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