Selection of perforated metal plate

Every step of the perforated mesh from feeding to processing to finished product is very important, but the quality of the finished product also depends on the quality of the punching plate, but what kind of punching plate can be used as a punching mesh? What about the best choice of materials? The editor will analyze it for you:

1. Good stamping performance: The stamping performance of perforated plates refers to the adaptability of the sheet to various stamping processing methods. The stamping processing method is a processing method in which metal is plastic, so the material is required to have good plasticity. For materials with good plasticity and large allowable deformation, the number of screen plate stamping processes and the number of intermediate annealing can be reduced. A certain degree of plasticity is also required for the separation process, and the yield limit of the material is required to be slightly higher to facilitate obtaining higher cross-section quality after blanking.

2. Good surface quality: For materials with good surface quality, the workpiece is not easy to break when the screen plate is stamped, and waste products are reduced; the mold is not easy to be scratched, the service life is increased, and the surface quality of the parts is good. Therefore, the surface of stamping materials is generally required to be smooth and smooth, without defects such as scale, cracks, rust spots, scratches, etc.

3. Thickness tolerance that complies with national standards: The mold gap is determined according to the material thickness, so the material thickness tolerance should comply with the specified standards. Otherwise, the thickness tolerance is too large, which will affect the quality of the workpiece and may cause damage to the mold and equipment.

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Post time: Sep-18-2023