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Corrugated perforated metal includes windbreak mesh, noise barriers, water treatment material. Corrugated perforated metal also calls windbreak mesh, wind dustproof mesh, an anti-wind dust fence. The windbreak mesh is mainly made of galvanized steel. The characteristics of windbreak mesh are good toughness and resistance to high and low temperature, flame retardant, various thickness, and color. Has a long service life, the color bright not easy fade.

Noise barriers have the characteristics of no pollution, anti-glare, anti-aging, anti-impact, anti-freezing, and thawing, stable sound absorption coefficient, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, high-speed airflow impact resistance, easy bending, easy processing, easy transportation, easy maintenance. Generally speaking, the cost performance is reasonable and can be sprayed with a variety of colors.


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1. The application of windbreak mesh includes power plants, coal mines, coking plants, and other enterprises plant reservoir coal yard,  seaports, docks coal storage yard and various kinds of materials yard, steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises of all sorts of the outdoor yard, railway and Highway transportation station coal storage yard. construction site, road engineering temporary building field.

2. Noise barrier is mainly used for the sound insulation and noise reduction of highways, elevated composite roads, and other noise sources.

It can be divided into the pure reflection sound barrier and the composite sound barrier combined with sound absorption and sound insulation. It refers to the wall structure installed on the side of the railway and highway to reduce the impact of traffic noise on nearby residents. The sound barrier is a device inserted between the source and the receiver so that there is a significant additional attenuation in the propagation of sound waves, thereby reducing the influence of noise in the area where the receiver is located. It is divided into traffic noise barriers, equipment noise attenuation noise barriers, industrial plant boundary noise barriers, and highway noise barriers.

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Post time: Jun-23-2022