What determines the thickness of a anti-skid plate?

How thick the anti-skid plate should be is a question often asked by customers. What determines the thickness of the anti-skid plate? As we all know, it must be the weight of the object that needs to be carried. But this is not comprehensive. The weight carried by small stair treads is much heavier than that carried by large-area anti-skid plates. Why can the thickness only be 2mm?

Because there are bends all around the anti-skid pedal, each bend increases its bearing capacity, that is, the bent part acts as a reinforcing rib. Therefore, if we want to make the anti-skid plate have good bearing capacity, we should not only consider the function of plate thickness, but more importantly, the function of reinforcing ribs. Therefore, generally the thickness of the anti-skid plate is 2-4mm. There is no need to choose a thicker one. First, it will increase the cost, and second, it will be difficult to install. Just add reinforcements to the anti-skid plate to increase the weight.

Ordinary anti-corrosion treatment methods for anti-skid plates
Everyone knows that stainless steel anti-skid plates and aluminum anti-skid plates can keep the surface as bright as new without surface treatment. However, the cost of stainless steel anti-skid plates is relatively much higher. The load-bearing capacity of aluminum anti-skid plates sometimes cannot fully meet people's needs. So this involves the anti-corrosion treatment of ordinary material anti-skid plates - iron plates.

There are generally three most common methods: 1) After the stamping of the anti-skid plate is completed, apply a layer of mechanical oil on the surface. This can well isolate the contact between the product surface and the air, avoid oxidation, and provide good rust prevention. Effect. However, long-term exposure outdoors is not advisable, because the mechanical oil will be washed away when it is wet by rain. 2) Galvanized treatment, cold-dip galvanized anti-skid plates are suitable for indoor use, and can also be used in dry environments that cannot be wetted by water. What actually happens in hot-dip galvanizing is a chemical reaction, which can ensure the long-lasting anti-corrosion of the anti-skid plate. There is no problem in using it in an acid-proof environment. 3) Perform spraying treatment, spray electrostatic powder on the surface, and adhere to the surface of the iron plate after high temperature treatment, forming a good protective layer.

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