Introduction of expanded metal mesh

Expanded Metal Fence
China Expanded Steel
China Expanded Steel
China Expanded Steel Mesh

Production: The metal plate is processed by a steel mesh punching and shearing machine to form a material with a mesh structure
Material: Q195/235/304
Hole type: rhombus/hexagon
Model: customizable
Hole size: can be customized
Long pitch: 20-200mm
Short pitch: 15-100mm
Plate thickness: 0.8-10mm
Stem width: can be customized
Leaflet size: There are many types of sizes and specifications, which can be made according to needs
Board surface treatment: can be flattened and leveled
Surface treatment: plastic spraying, dipping,
Freight: The buyer bears or the two parties negotiate and decide
Shipping method: Negotiable by both parties
Packaging: metal packaging

Product features: complete range, suitable for different occasions, strong tensile performance, strong load-bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, long life, strong compression resistance, light weight net body

Scope of application: wide application range, corn net, curtain wall net, sound net cover, pedal net, protective net, fence net, etc., generally used as foot pedal load-bearing and protective steel mesh, some used for homes, restaurants and other places The use of decorative steel mesh


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