Introduction of fingerprint resistant board

The fingerprint-resistant plate is a composite coating plate obtained after fingerprint-resistant treatment on the surface of the galvanized plate. The surface of the fingerprint-resistant steel plate is smooth and flat, and the tolerance is small. The earliest use of anti-fingerprint treatment technology is a coating containing hexavalent chromium. At home and abroad, the galvanized sheet is generally passivated, and then the organic coating (fingerprint-resistant film) is applied to the passivation film to produce the fingerprint-resistant plate.

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Fingerprint-resistant sheet is a composite coated sheet obtained by fingerprint-resistant treatment on the surface of galvanized sheet. Fingerprint-resistant steel plate is the earliest material that has passed the environmental protection certification. It is named "fingerprint-resistant" because the surface is touched with clean fingers without leaving fingerprints. The surface of the fingerprint-resistant steel plate is smooth, flat, and small tolerance. The research and production of fingerprint-resistant plates originated in Japan and entered commercial production in the early 1980s.
Anti-fingerprint treatment was originally designed to meet the requirements of users in the field of home appliances. In the production process of home appliances, many parts are touched many times by workers due to the needs of the process, and the sweat stains on the hands of the workers form pollution on the surface of the parts, which affects the appearance. Therefore, a fingerprint-resistant board has been researched and developed.

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Except for some special processes, the anti-fingerprint treatment technology used coatings containing hexavalent chromium in the early days. With the increasingly strict environmental regulations, the hexavalent chromium technology was gradually replaced by the trivalent chromium technology and chromium-free technology. Chromium-free technology not only has the corrosion resistance of chromium-containing technology, but also has the versatility that chromium-containing technology does not have. Widely used in home appliances, electronics and construction markets.

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