Dongjie’s Deep Processing Custom Metal Stamping Parts

The main characteristics of precision metal stamping technology are mass production and high precision. Our custom metal stamping parts are fast, reliable, and multi-functional. We deliver parts that provide exceptional performance to our customers.

High-quality raw materials of Metal Stamping Parts

The processing materials we are using include stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and some other alloys that strictly satisfied clients’ different requirements. By using Dongjie’s technology and excellent die materials, we can minimize the die parts, so as to achieve the purpose of saving raw materials.

25 Years Experience of Customization Service for Metal Stamping Parts

We can design and manufacture all kinds of connector terminals, shells, shrapnel, etc., and have accumulated rich experience in the manufacture of sus301-eh shrapnel.

Pursuit of the Highest Quality for Metal Stamping Parts

For some products with high-quality requirements, we can rely on Dongjie mold design ability to achieve no tool contact trace and burr at the conductive contact part, and the product plug-in contact will be smoother. Through continuous technical improvement, we can ensure that the contact plane of manufactured products has no arc and no turnover so that the conduction of products will be more stable.

Precision Concept Permeates Every Detail in Clients Requirements

1. Development and design

We have 1-to-1 communication to make customization for new metal stamping parts development and design solutions for you.

2. Mold manufacture

We make mold independently, with the precision of 0.002 mm, which ensures high precision and high performance of products.

3. Sample manufacture

We can provide you with samples before bulk production to verify the feasibility of product design.

4. Bulk production

Independent research and development of non-standard automation device, intelligent correction/system inspection integration, to ensure quality uniformity.

5. Surface treatment

Provide electroplating, anodizing, polishing, cleaning, surface finishing to obtain other properties.

6. Packing and delivery

Global efficient distribution, clean packaging, bear the important responsibility of packaging, product protection, and so on.

Post time: Apr-30-2021