Conference room ceiling aluminum allay perforated metal mesh

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Conference room ceiling aluminum allay perforated metal mesh
When you need exceptional strength and design flexibility, perforated metal ceiling tile is the material of choice - all solutions. Perforated metal security ceilings provide a strong physical barrier and also meet the unique characteristics of some industries.
As a professional manufacturer, Dongjie can meet all your needs, come to contact us.

  • Material : Aluminum, stainless sheet, galvanized steel, etc.
  • Quality Control : ISO Certificate; SGS Certificate
  • Surface Treatment : Powder coating, PVDF Coating, Galvanization, Anodizing, etc.
  • After-sale Service : Product test report, online follow-up.
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    Conference room ceiling aluminum allay perforated metal mesh

    China Perforated Screen

    Ⅰ. Product description

    Perforated metal is great for diffusing sound, soundproofing, and reducing acoustic emissions.
    When installed along with a ceiling, perforated metal can help prevent echoes. It can be used as a protective covering for acoustical material that is designed to either absorb or reflect sound or scatter it in a specific way.
    Product Name Conference room ceiling aluminum allay perforated metal mesh
    Material Aluminum, stainless sheet, black steel, galvanized steel, copper/brass, etc.
    Hole Shape Round, Square, Hexagonal, Cross, Triangular, Oblong, etc.
    Arrangement of Holes Straight; Side Stagger; End Stagger
    Thickness ≦ Hole Diameters (to make sure perfect holes)
    Pitch Customized by buyer
    Surface Treatment Powder coating, PVDF Coating, Galvanization, Anodizing, etc.
    Applications - Facade cladding
    - Curtain Wall
    - Architectural decoration
    - Ceiling
    - Noise Barriers
    - Wind dust Fence
    - Walkways and staircases
    - Conveyor Belt
    - Chair/Desk
    - Filter Screens
    - Window
    - Ramps
    - Gantries
    - Filtration
    - Balustrades
    - Protecting net for car
    Packing Methods - Packing in rolls with carton. 

    - Packing in pieces with wooden/steel pallet.
    Quality Control ISO Certificate; SGS Certificate
    After-sale Service Product test report, online follow up.
    perforated hole
    Order No. Thickness(mm) Hole(mm) Pitch(mm)
    DJ-PS-1 0.5 0.5 1.25
    DJ-PS-2 0.8 0.8 1.75
    DJ-PS-3 0.8 1.5 3
    DJ-PS-4 0.8 2 4
    DJ-PS-5 0.8 3 5
    DJ-PS-6 0.8 4 7
    DJ-PS-7 0.8 5 8
    DJ-PS-8 0.8 6 9
    DJ-PS-9 0.8 8 12
    DJ-PS-10 0.8 10 16
    customized customized customized

    Note: The data in the table are the detailed parameters of the product, and we can also customize it according to your requirements.

    Ⅱ. Application

    Perforated metal mesh has a wide range of uses. For making ceilings, it not only absorbs sound and reduces noise, but also has an aesthetic design. It is your best choice.  

    At the same time, the perforated metal mesh can also be used for highway, railway, subway and other transportation municipal facilities in the environmental noise control barrier;  

    Or as stair, balcony, table, and chair environmental protection exquisite decorative hole plate;  

    It can also be used as mechanical equipment protective cover, gorgeous speaker net cover, stainless steel fruit blue kitchen utensils, food cover, as well as shopping mall shelves, decorative display tables and so on.  

    perforated ceiling

    Ⅲ. About us

    Anping Dongjie wire mesh products factory was founded in 1996, covers an area of 10,000 square meters.
    Since its establishment more than 25 years ago, it now has more than 100 professional workers and 4 professional workshops: metal mesh reaming workshop, metal mesh stamping products workshop, mold making workshop, and deep processing workshop.
    Professional people do professional things.
    Choose us is your best choice, do not hesitate to contact us.

    -Production machine-

    perforated machine4
    perforated machine2
    perforated machine5
    perforated machine1
    perforated machine3

    -Raw material quality assurance-

    Anti-fingerprint steel

    Ⅳ. Product process







    4-surface treatment

    Surface treatment

    5-final product

    Final product





    Ⅴ. Packing&delivery

    perforated metal packing

    Ⅵ. FAQ

    Q1:How to make an inquiry about Perforated Metal Mesh?
    A1:You need to provide material, hole size, thickness, sheet size, and the quantity to ask for an offer. You can also indicate if you have any special requirements.
    Q2:Could you provide a free sample?
    A2:Yes, we can provide a free sample in half A4 size together with our catalogue. But the courier charge will be on your side. We'll send back the courier charge if you make an order.
    Q3:How is your Payment Term?
    A3:Generally, our payment term is T/T 30% in advance and the balance 70% before shipping. Other payment terms we can also discuss.
    Q4:How is your delivery time?
    A4:The delivery time is usually determined by the technology and quantity of the product. If it’s urgent for you, we also could communicate with the production department about the delivery time.

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