Stainless Steel Filter Tubes for Filter

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Stainless Steel Filter Tubes for Filter

1. Product Name: Filter Perforated Tube; Filter Perforated Cylinder; Perforated Tube; Perforated Metal Cylinder; Perforated Pipe; Perforated Metal Pipe; Punching Metal Tube.

2. Applications: muffler, petroleum oil production, chemical industry, sewage treatment, purified water treatment, water filtration, various filter element framework, filter components, etc.

3. Technology: Full welding / spot Welding

4. Materials: Stainless steel 201, 304, 316, 316L; Galvanized steel;  Low carbon steel, etc.

5. Hole Shapes: Generally round hole (other hole types include square hole, bridge hole, plum blossom hole, cross hole, etc.)

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