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Fiberglass Invisible Window Screen is a new product developed for all kinds of original window screening products, which effectively solves the various disadvantages of traditional window screen mesh. It will not block the sight and maintain a good ventilation effect.The high-definition window screen can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering the room, to create a good living environment for everyone.

Fiberglass Invisible Window Screen has ultra high strength and toughness, and can bear the weight above 100 kg. The window screen can protect the children from falling .Part of the specifications of products with non-dust function, long – term to keep the gauze clean, easy to clean.

Fiberglass Invisible Window Screen

wire diameter


mesh number

18*18, 20*20



specification and dimension

0.5m, 1m,1.2m,1.5m, 2m


Decorative, invisible, insect-proof


Easy to clean, light weight, good ventilation, good toughness, corrosion resistance
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Fiberglass Invisible Window Screen with high transparency, high strength, high toughness, life smooth filament surface, mesh shape does not take off the wire, not easy to be stained with ash, not easy to be stained with oil and other characteristics.The advanced loom is adopted to manufacture, the net surface is flat, the aperture is even, without the disorderly grain.After the coating treatment, it is not easy to be stained with dust, easy to clean and has better high definition effect.


Fiberglass Invisible Window Screen is widely applied to high-grade residential areas, villas, government office buildings, bank office buildings, hospitals, residential areas,mountainous, wild, suburban, residential or business districts where mosquitoes are common.

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