New Design Stainless Steel Cold Smoke Generator Basket for BBQ

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Dongjie Supply expanded metal wire mesh products over 25 years experience.
High quality stainless steel smoke basket smoking generator for barbeque grills.
Suitable for hot or cold smoking salmon, bacon, eggs, cheese, butter, and much more.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 19.5*5cm / 7.7*2inch or customized
  • Color: Silver
  • Packing: Each basket in one box
  • MOQ: 100 pieces
  • Brand: Dongjie
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    Features and precautions
    1. Very suitable for hot and cold smoking salmon, bacon, eggs, cheese, butter, etc. Can be used for almost any grill or smoker.

    2. This style of cold smoke generator looks like a maze. The working principle is to fill the mesh channel with shavings, ignite the tea wax at the outer end, and then ignite the shavings. After the shavings are lit, you extinguish the candle and gradually smolder the shavings and release smoke.

    3. Long burning time. In a pack of maze (100 grams of dust), you can get about 10 hours of smoke, which means the running cost is about £ 0.16 /hour

    4. Any sign of moisture in the wood chips may cause the cold smoke generator to go out halfway through the smoker. Therefore, your wood chips must be dry. If you are worried about humidity, try putting it in a warm oven overnight before smoking.

    5. Their shavings may be more like dust, and you may not be able to guarantee the purity of the wood. If they are produced using chainsaws, they may be contaminated with chain saw oil, which can contaminate your food flavors.

    6. Burning tea wax candles emit surprising heat, and depending on the insulation of the smoke chamber and the ambient temperature, you can easily increase the temperature of the smoke chamber above 30°C.

    7. Finally, once the crumbs are removed, you must extinguish the candle and remove the candle from the smoker. Otherwise, if you just blow it out, you may stain the food.

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