Stainless steel Perforated Metal Filter Mesh

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Perforated metal,also known as perforated sheet,perforated screen,is sheet metal that has been manually or mechanically stamped or punched to create a pattern of holes,slots,or decorative shapes.

1. Material:Low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate, nickel plate. stainless steel plate, aluminum, hot and cold steel, copper and fiber, plastic sheeting and other non-metallic plate.

2. Features:Flat surface, smooth, beautiful, strong and durable, wide application.

3. Specifications:Coil sheet 1X20m, flat sheet 1X2m.

4. Product Surface:Spray, polishing, oxidation treatment, galvanized, etc.

5. Hole Patterns including: Round; Rectangular hole; Square; Triangle; Diamond; Hexagonal; Cross; Slotted; and other patterns according to your drawings or application requirement.

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